Zungenlage während der Wachphase, genügend Freiraum für die Atmung.

Zungenlage während der Schlafphase, die Einengung im Rachenraum erschwert die Atmung und erzeugt die bekannten Schnarchgeräusche.

Durch das Einsetzen der DocSnoreNix®-Schiene wird die Zunge mitsamt des Unterkiefers nach vorn gezogen, der Rachenraum wird entlastet und eine ungestörte Atmung gewährleistet.

Snore no longer!


Almost one person in three is a snorer. Among older people as many as 60% of men and 40% of women snore. The snoring sounds they make each night can be anything from a slight rattle to a loud sawing noise that can reach up to 90 decibels. The snorers them- selves are often completely unaware of it.

What causes snoring?

When a person sleeps on their back, relaxation of the muscles can cause the tongue to fall back into the throat and constrict the airway. This creates a stonger air current which sets the uvula at the back of the throat vibrating. And that leads to irritating snoring noises.

Snoring noises foremost affect other people. Partners, family members, other members of the household and also neighbours regularly have their sleep disturbed. The snorers themselves have to struggle with problems that are silent but more serious. In most cases these problems are not recognised as being linked to snoring.

Tongue position while awake, enough room to breathe freely.

Tongue position while asleep. Constriction of the throat makes breathing difficult and causes the familiar snoring sound.

Once inserted the DocSnoreNix® pulls the tongue and the whole lower jaw forward. Pressure is removed from the throat and breathing is no longer restricted.

Side effects:

Snorers often suffer from bouts of sleep apnoea - short, irregular pauses in breathing.
However other side effects may occur:

Risk factors favouring snoring and sleep apnoea are overweight, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, allergies, deviated nasal septum, hypothyroidism and increased neck circumference.

Taking certain medications and misuse of hormone preparations to increase performance can also favour snoring.

By the way: DocSnoreNix® is only worn at night. It involves no surgery or prolonged treatment.

Talk to your dentist!


DocSnoreNix® is a mandibular advancement device. It works by pushing the lower jaw (mandible) slightly forward. This prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat and reduces snoring by up to 100%.

What are the advantages of DocSnoreNix®?

Your personal DocSnoreNix® is specially made in a dental laboratory. Your dentist takes an impression of your teeth and the laboratory then makes a device to fit your particular dental pattern. Taking a dental impression is painless, simple and only takes a few minutes. Making the DocSnoreNix® device takes just a few days. You can put it in or take it out yourself at any time and it is very easy to look after.

Where do I find DocSnoreNix®?

Please contact us directly +492303880737 / +492303880766 or via E-mail: bernd.soldan@dreve.de / claudia.grönheit@dreve.de


How do I clean my anti-snoring splint?

Unfortunately all dental splints, sport mouthguards and anti-snoring splints have the problem that undesirable odors occur after a short time. This is mainly due to the composition of saliva. The influence of saliva leaves a very thin biofilm on the surface of the anti-snoring splint.

This biofilm cannot be removed with simple mechanical cleaning (eg. by a toothbrush). Also the use of tooth paste does not bring the desired effect.

Max Fresh™ makes splints hygienically clean!

Very simple and professional cleaningk without brushing, with no mechanical action which reduces cloudiness and discoloration

How does that work?

Millions of micro bubbles purely clean the spints hygienically and additionally reduce discoloration caused by tea, coffee or nicotine. With MaxiFresh™ the user acceptance of an anti-snoring splint rises considerably. The feeling of hygienic freshness is convincing.

Where can I get MaxiFresh™?

You will get MaxiFresh™ from your dealer. Just have a look at our website and find a dealer nearby.



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